Marketing Plan

  1. POINT VALUE(P.V.)= The term PV stands for the value of a product on which the sales remuneration is calculated PV may be differ from the selling price of the product and declared by the company ,it can also changed from time to time by the company.
  2. Cumulative value (C.V.):  The term CV shows the value of PV i.e. 1PV=10CV.
  3. ORGANIZATION 1 & ORGANIZATION 2: Direct seller can enroll any number of customers/ direct sellers in his any organization either organization 1 or organization 2 .
  4. CALCULATION OF SALES REMUNERATION:  Remuneration is calculated on basis of sales
    1) Sales done directly by direct seller and purchase done by their direct sponsored Privilege Customers.
    2) Sales generated by the team developed by direct seller on matching of CV in both organization. 
  5. DIRECT SELLER: A person who is willing to promote the business.
  6. PRIVILAGE CUSTOMER: A person who buys company’s product through direct seller but not promoting direct selling business.
  7. SPONSER: An existing direct seller who is introducing new direct sellers/privilege customers.
How To Become A Direct Seller

Application Form for becoming direct seller under any existing direct seller has to be submitted through internet and hard copy of same to be sent to the company office duly signed by the applicant with the signature of sponsor.

List Of Document
  1. 2 Passport size recent photograph with name and Father/Husband name on back side.
  2. Self attested photocopy of (Valid KYC)
    1. Photo ID
    2. Address proof
    3. Date of Birth
    4. PAN card (photocopy).
    5. Bank passbook (photocopy) /Cancelled original cheque duly signed which has the name printed of account holder.

Registration is totally free to become a direct seller. After scrutiny of application form and documents and when accepted by the company, a Unique ID no which is already issued on website will be activated. After that a direct seller can obtain the ID card by login their user name and password on the website himself.
Sponsorship for new applicant is allowed only after purchase of 2800/-by direct seller it may be partial or full.

A direct seller can sponsor as many person as he/she desire. A privilege Customer can sponsor but benefit privileges will be given only after becoming Direct Seller.

Calculation Of Sales Remuneration:

1. Direct Bonus

A direct seller will get a bonus amount of INR 200 on first purchase of Rs.2800 made by the new direct seller sponsored by him/her.

2. Super Distributor Bonus

Based on repurchase of goods by him and the privilege customers sponsored by him/her on monthly basis.

Bonus Structure
50 500 PV 6% of BV
501 1000 PV 9% of BV
1001 2000 PV 12% of BV
2001 5000 PV 15% of BV
5001 And Above 18% of BV

Calculation and payment is on monthly basis, 1 PV=40 BV (Applicable only for Super distributor bonus).
IF Your Repurchase in a Calendar Month is 60 PV and Your all the Direct Privileged Customer’s Repurchase for that month is 1970 PV Then your Total Self PV=2030 PV
1PV = 40 BV so 2030 PV= 81200 BV & your income slab is 15%
So you will get 15% of 81200 i.e. Rs.12180/-.

3. Team Performance Bonus(TPB)

This bonus is calculated on weekly, based on matching CV  in organization 1 and organization 2.

For Example, If repurchase of 3000 CV in ORG-1 and repurchase of 2000 CV in ORG-2 the TPB will be Rs.2000/- (Ceiling Limit Rs.30000/-weekly)

4. Leadership Bonus

5% of Sponsored Direct Seller’s Team Performance Bonus.

5. Royalty Bonus

Royalty bonus calculated monthly on Company’s PV turnover which distributed among all the qualified Direct Sellers as per their qualification level.

Recognition   ORG-1 PV ORG-2 PV Min. Monthly Business
in ORG-1 & ORG-2
Royalty Factor
Bronze Royal   15000 15000 1000 : 1000 PV 2.0x
Silver Royal Next 30000 30000 3000 : 3000 PV 1.0x
Pearl Royal Next 70000 70000 6000 : 6000 PV 0.5x
Emerald Royal Next 140000 140000 15000 : 15000 PV 0.5x
Gold Royal Next 300000 300000 30000 : 30000 PV 0.5x
Platinum Royal Next 700000 700000 50000 : 50000 PV 0.5x
Diamond Royal Next 1800000 1800000 100000 : 100000 PV 0.5x
Imperial Next 4000000 4000000 200000 : 200000 PV 0.5x
Royalty = Company’s PV Turnover of relevant month X Royalty Factor
Total Number of Qualified Direct Seller
6. Rewards

Team Performance Reward

Each and Every Direct Seller who made a 1st purchase of Rs.2800/-carry 1 Reward Point (RP)

  ORG-1 ORG-2 Reward
  10 RP 10 RP Business Presentation Kit
Next 50 RP 50 RP Laptop
Next 200 RP 200 RP Bike Fund Rs.51000/-
Next 250 RP 250 RP Jewellery Fund Rs.101000/-
Next 300 RP 300 RP CAR Fund Rs. 300000/-

Sales Generation Reward

These Rewards are based on matching PV in both organization.

ORG-1 PV ORG-2 PV Reward
2000 PV 2000 PV Business Development Workshop
6000 PV 6000 PV Business Development Fund Rs.10000 for 3Months
12000 PV 12000 PV Business Development Fund Rs.15000 for 3Months
30000 PV 30000 PV Business Development Fund Rs.15000 for 6Months
75000 PV 75000 PV Business Development Fund Rs.15000 for 12Months
150000 PV 150000 PV Rs. 5,00,000
350000 PV 350000 PV Rs.11,00,000
750000 PV 750000 PV BMW Car
1500000 PV 1500000 PV Rs.51,00,000
3000000 PV 3000000 PV FD OF Rs. 1 Cr.
7500000 PV 7500000 PV Rs. 3 Cr.

Terms & Conditions:-

  1. Except abnormal reasons calculation of Sales Remuneration shall be completed within 40 days from the last day of the month, for which Sales Remuneration is to be calculated.
  2. The amount of Sales Remuneration will be remitted within in 40 days from the date of calculation of the Sales Remuneration. Sales Remuneration below Rs. 400 shall be remitted once within one year from the date of calculation of the Sales Remuneration.
  3. Payment of Sales Incentive shall be made by anyone mode of Banking System (NEFT/RTGS/INTER BANKING TRANSFER).
  4. If Direct Seller does not receive payment due to non compliance of rules of Direct Selling by Direct Seller or by any other reason created by Direct Seller, then complete responsibility for delay/ non payment will be of Direct Seller
  5. If any defect is found in any of the Easy Care Products purchased, then the same can be returned/ exchanged within 30 days from the date of purchase. The returned product must be supported with Bill of purchase and such product should not be damaged from any angle.