Marketing Plan
How To Become A Direct Seller
Application form for becoming direct seller under any existing direct seller has to be submitted through internet and hard copy of same to be sent to the company office duly signed by the applicant with the signature of sponsor.
  • PV: Point Value refer the value of product on which the sales remuneration is calculated PV may differ from the selling price of the product and declared by the company and it can also changed from time to time by company.
  • BV= Business Volume: - BV (Business Volume) some of the sales remuneration are based on business volume which means every PV has BV, 1 PV=7500 BV.
  • RP= Repurchase Point :- Every product has repurchase point it is used to remunerate the direct seller if he/she purchase company product again & again.
  • Calculation of sales remuneration: - Remuneration is calculated on the basis of sales and purchases by the direct seller.
  • Direct Seller: - A person who is willing to promotes the business.
  • Sponsor: - A person who is willing to promote the business.
  • ORGANIZATION 1&ORGANIZATION 2:- Direct seller can enroll any number of customers / direct sellers in his any organizations either ORG 1 or ORG 2.
List Of Document
  1. A. 2 Passport size recent photograph with name and Father/Husband name on back side.
  2. B. Self attested photocopy of (Valid KYC)
    1. 1. Photo ID
    2. 2. Address proof
    3. 3. Date of Birth
    4. 4. PAN card (photocopy).
    5. 5. Bank passbook (photocopy) /Cancelled original cheque duly signed which has the name printed of account holder.

Registration it totally free to become a direct seller. After scrutiny of application form and documents and when accepted by the company a Unique ID no which is already issued on website will be activated. After that a direct seller can obtain the ID card by login their user name and password on the website himself.

A director seller can sponsor as many person he/she desire. 

After 500 RP personal repurchase of company products, a person is eligible for recruitments or sponsor new direct seller.

No incentive, remuneration, commission is given on any sponsorship and or recruitments of direct seller all incentive remuneration; commission is purely based on sales.

Benefit and Sales Remuneration
1. Direct Benefit :

UP TO15% to 40% on MRP.

2. Direct Bonus

On every sale of 7500 BV INR 700 given as direct bonus.

3. Team Performance Bonus

To earn TPB sales of 1500 BV is mandatory then after on sales of 1500 BV in both organization (ORG 1 or ORG 2) equally a direct seller can earn INR 600. (calculated weekly, The income is subject to capping of INR 7000 per day)

4. Leadership Bonus

A Leadership Bonus is 25% of TPB of your Direct Referrals (LB Calculation and remittance with TPB)

5. Loyalty Bonus

Required sale of 75000 BV i.e. (10 PV) company products equally in both organization. A director seller can earn INR 5000/- per month (Eligibility to earn loyalty bonus direct sale of 5 PV in 60 Days from the date of Joining 10 PV sales is required monthly in both organization (ORG1,ORG2) 100 RP Self Repurchase is must to get Loyalty Bonus)

6. Team Performance Reward

Direct seller can earn team performance reward if He/She make sales of company products according to the giving table in the both organizations (ORG1,ORG 2)

S. No PV Reward
1 PV 25 Rs 10,000/-
2 Next PV 50 40’ LED TV
3 Next PV 250 Rs 2 Lakh
4 Next PV 1000 Rs 5 Lakh
5 Next PV 7500 Rs 15 Lakh
6 Next PV 20000 Rs 35 Lakh
7 Next PV 35000 Rs 1 Crore
7. Repurchase Bonus

On self repurchase of 9000 RP a director seller get free product worth Rs 15000 divided equally in 10 months i.e.  (1500 X 10) redeemable monthly.

On self repurchase of 9000 RP within 180 days (100 RP minimum self repurchase is must to redeem 1500/- Free product without RP)

Every month’s 1500 Rs Free product must be used in assigned month after assigned month it will be expired. No any claim will be entertained after expiry

8. Leadership Repurchase Bonus

A direct seller can earn INR 1100/- as LRB on repurchase of 9000 RP company products by His/Her Direct sponsor.

9. Direct sponsor Bonus (Repurchase)

A direct seller can earn INR 200/- as DSB (Repurchase) on purchase of 500 RP company products by His/ Her Direct sponsor.

10. Team Performance Bonus (Repurchase)

A direct seller can earn TPB repurchase INR500 on sales of 500 RP company product in both origination equally (ORG1,ORG2) (calculated on fresh RP sales of running month subject to capping INR 5000 per day.)

11. Leadership Bonus (Repurchase)

Leadership Bonus (repurchase) Bonus 10% of TBP of direct sponsor (LRB Calculation and remittance with (Repurchase TPB))

12. Reward (Repurchase)

Direct seller can earn Repurchase reward if He/She make sales of company products according to the given table in the both organizations (ORG1,ORG2)

RP 50000

Next RP 150000
Singapore Trip

Next RP 500000
1 Lakh

Next RP 1500000
5 Lakh

Next RP 5000000
10 Lakh

Next RP 25000000
20 Lakh

Next RP 100000000
1 Crore

Next RP 200000000
4 Crore + 1 Lakh Per Months Next 10 Years

Terms & Conditions As Per Guide Line Ministry Of Consumer Affairs India:-
  • Except abnormal reasons calculation of sales Remuneration shall be completed within 40 days from the last day of the month, for which sales remuneration is to be calculated.
  • The amount of sales remuneration will be remitted within 40 days from the date of calculation of the sales remuneration. Sales remuneration below Rs 400 shall be remitted once within one year from the date of calculation of the sales remuneration.
  • Payment of sales incentive shall be made by anyone mode of banking system (NEFT/RTGS/INTER BANKINGTRANSFER)  
  • If Direct Seller does not receive payment due to non compliance of rules of Direct Selling by Direct Seller or by any other reason created by Direct Seller then complete responsibility for delay/non-payment will be of Direct Seller.
  • If any defect is found in any of the Easy Care Products purchased then the same can be retuned/exchange within 30 days from the date of purchase. The returned product must be supported with bill of purchase and such product should not be damaged from any angle.